Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is for "Astro Boy: The Edge of Time" (hereafter "Service") by Active Gaming Media Inc. (hereafter "AGM"), forming part of the End User License Agreement applied to the user on using this Service, and it applies when the user uses this Service. The personal information acquired from the user through this Service is managed according to this privacy policy. This does not apply to personal information that companies providing information and services through this Service acquire from all users. This only applies to users of this Service.

1. Information AGM Acquires and Method of Acquisition

1.1 Information Directly Acquired from the User

Should the user register for AGM's Service, they may have to provide the following information.

(a) Age or date of birth

(b) Surname, username, or nickname

(c) Email address

(d) Other information such as a password required to verify the identity of the person accessing the account

(e) User profile (profile picture, service username or nickname, sex, record, links to social media profile, other information recorded in user profile, user ID)

(f) Information set to be acquired through the app or website

(g) Other information AGM specifies regarding the user

1.2 Device Information

Should the user use this Service on a device or mobile device, AGM may acquire the device identifier, mobile device identifier, and IP address. AGM may also acquire all other information the user has chosen to provide, such as the name associated with the device, type of device, telephone number, country, username, and email address.

1.3 Payment Information

Should the user purchase directly from AGM a license required to use virtual currency, other products, or virtual items within the Service, AGM shall acquire payment information necessary to process payment, such as address and email address information. Should a third party payment service company (including, but not limited to, Amazon Services International, Inc., Apple Inc., and Google Inc.) process the user's payment, AGM may acquire billing and payment information provided to the payment service company by the user.

1.4 Information on Customer Support

Should the user receive support from AGM's customer support team, AGM may acquire and store information provided by the user, such as contact information (usually, but not limited to, name and email address), information relating to activity on the Service, and user ID number. AGM may store support exchanges and information derived from the aforementioned.

1.5 Information on User Action

When the user uses this Service, AGM may acquire and store information directly provided to it, and information provided through third party providers of the Service. AGM may also acquire information related to the user's use of the Service and their interactions with other users. The majority of information is acquired and stored using a log file on the server that records actions carried out on AGM's app and website.

1.6 Communication Functions

Should the user communicate with other users or participate in certain actions that share information (including text, user profiles, messages, pictures, images, sound, videos, applications, or other information content), AGM may record and store archives of this communication information.

1.7 Information Acquired Through Cookies

When the user accesses the Service, AGM acquires the following specific technical information. AGM and AGM's proxy service providers use log files and tracking technology, and acquire and analyze cookies, IP addresses, device types, mobile device identifiers, browser types, browser languages, reference pages and exit pages, platform types, numbers of clicks, domain names, landing pages, numbers and orders of pages browsed, each page URL, times specific pages were read, app or website statuses, dates and times of activity on AGM's app or website, and other information. AGM may associate this information with the user's user ID for internal use. AGM may use other technology, including tracking pixels, to enable more effective advertising such as (i) web beacons to check the browsing of certain pages, or the opening of mail, (ii) excluding existing users from specific promotional messages, specifying new install sources, or providing advertising to users through other websites.

1.8 Information Acquired through Links with External Services

AGM may acquire information that the user has allowed to be released to collaborators through external privacy settings, such as user ID and other information on an external service.

2. Use of Acquired Information

AGM uses the information acquired from the user for the following purposes.

(a) To provide AGM products and services

(b) To calculate fees and charges

(c) For identity verification and authentication services

(d) To carry out surveys

(e) To carry out campaigns and give prizes

(f) To add and exchange points

(g) For market research, statistics, and analysis

(h) For system maintenance and responding to problems

(i) To send important notices, such as contact regarding a purchase, and for changes to our agreement, conditions, or policy

(j) To advertise and review advertising effectiveness

(k) To provide technical support and respond to queries from users

(l) To help develop, provide, maintain, and improve AGM's apps, website, services, content, and advertising

(m) To develop and provide targeted advertising for products and services from AGM or a third party

(n) To prevent actions that could be illegal or dishonest, and to enforce the Terms of Use

(o) For other purposes delineated for each of AGM's services

The personal information collected will be disposed of when it is reasonably deemed unnecessary to AGM's general work operations.

3. Information Sharing and Third Party Provision

Except in the case of outsourcing to a third party company of all or some of the services, responses, or other support requested by the information provider, AGM will not release personal information to a third party. However, should AGM be requested by court, police, tax office, consumer center, or any organization with authority recognized in any other law or regulation, the information will be released without the consent of the person involved. Only information necessary for the purpose shall be released in the case of outsourcing. AGM carefully examines the handling of personal information by outsourcers and has a separate non-disclosure agreement with them, in which the outsourcers are obliged to handle personal information in the same manner as AGM.

Updates to Privacy Policy

Unlike the Terms of Use for the Service, this Privacy Policy does not require the user's consent; its purpose is to disclose AGM's approach to handling and dealing with personal information. AGM may improve or revise the contents of the Privacy Policy according to changes in law, changes in our business, or users' requests. In such a case, AGM will provide users with easily-understood notification of the revisions beforehand, and change to the new content after a set period of time.

Please contact our help desk for information regarding the handling of personal information. Supplementary provisions

Enacted November 11th 2016